Friday, November 15, 2013

"Roses For Margaery" - Finished Object Fridays a.k.a. FO In Knit Lingo

Has it really been that long since I've had a finished object to share?  Oh my!
Does finishing the write up of a new pattern count?  Let's say that it does... 'cos man, this was hard work!

As we all know, I love the Song of Ice And Fire book, and HBO's original mini series bases on them call Game of Thrones.  These socks took a long time to come into fruition, with little hiccups along the way and loads of designing challenges.  Those hair pulling moments were worth it, because I'm very proud of the finished product.  My most prettiest socks so far, if I may so bold to say!

These socks are based on the character Margaery Tyrell, a very pretty
and very determined young woman who wants to be the queen of all of Westeros.  Without giving spoilers, I can tell you Margaery is a woman that seems to do what she is supposed to do, confined to the wishes and rules of family and state.  But is she really?  Margaery intrigued me.  I thought it interesting that her House sigil is a golden rose on a field of green.  "Growing Strong" is their words, and interestingly enough, so is Margaery.  Roses are beautiful, but can overtake a garden if left unchecked.  The undulating strong lines confining the rose bunches represent her set role, but notice how these lines don't meet.  They are really guidelines.  I also took the roses down into a very common heel flap.  Margaery is all about making the commoners love her.  I think she knows this is the real source of a rulers' power.

So here it is!

Roses For Margaery by Nin Leavitt
an original sock pattern inspired by R. R. Martin's
Song Of Ice And Fire
Part of the “Game of Thrones” Sock Series By NinDesigns 

Doing the photo shoot was a lot of fun and I learned so much about my Olympus E500. 

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