About Us

Who Are We?

We are mothers, daughters, grandmother, and granddaughters who all have a passion for arts and crafts!  Not all of us like the same things and we love to agree and disagree on what is the best form of art and craft.  

Judy- mother of Nin, Grandmother of Tressa and Lila

Nin-  mother of Tressa and Lila

Tressa-  daughter and granddaughter
Lila-  daughter and granddaughter

What do we love to do?  

Knit- Judy taught Nin when Nin was 6yrs old
Dye Wool- only Nin so far, but she will make the others convert!
Some of us bake, some of us think we can bake, and some, well, just cannot(Nin).

And Zora, our wonder dog!