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It's W.I.P. Blog Hop 2013!  For those of you who don't know, W.I.P. stands for "Work in Progress."  

If you have never heard of a blog hop, its where a bunch of bloggers get together virtually, make something usually within the same category, and all agree to write up a blog post about what they made.  The catch:  the projects must all be done on a specified date.  Talk about getting your butt in gear!  And on the agreed blog hop date people check out each others blog.  The fun / stressful part is finishing in time! 

Gram and I are so totally into this right now!  Gram has a TON of yarn from over the years that she is determined to make into mittens for all her grand kids.  12 grand kids.  That's pretty much 2 hockey teams, LOL!  Anyway, she is progressing super quick.  As for me, I still can't kick the designing thing, but I'm busting the stash to make the new designs.  This will be hard for me, but NO NEW YARNS!  eek, I hop I can hold true to this.  I think this will be fun!

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