Thursday, June 18, 2015

An Alternative to Water Balloons! Sponge Balls!

It's been a long time since the last post, but loads of things have happened.  Today, I'm showing you the BEST EVER alternative to water balloons.  What I love about them is that they are super cheap to make, they are reusable, and they are not harmful to birds (I hate scrounging for all the popped water balloon pieces on the lawn).

So my handsome little man turned 7 on June 15... (insert Mommy bawling here.  Where has the time gone?)  He wanted a "Guys Only" birthday party to get back at his big sister who had a girls only Tween sleep over party that he was not invited to.  In fact, he was shipped off to Gram's housed.  Never mind that he had a blast at Gram's, it was the principle of the matter.  So, in order for Tressa and his female cousins to attend, they had to be targets for the water balloon fights and where fake mustaches.  (HUH?)  Anyway, here was the invitation I sent out:

So, hyped up on TONS of sugary junk, hot dogs and hamburgers, the games began.  I had several organized games planned with small prizes, but honestly, as soon as the hose was turned on, pandemonium broke loose.  Water balloons went first and were done in less than 6 minutes with 12 glucose crazed kids firing them everywhere.  Good thing I had made the sponge balls the night before.  Everyone was soaked, including me, with ice cold water from our well.  I was a sopping mess when the parents arrived to pick up their little monsters.  Gram said my eyes were so bloodshot, I looked like I hadn't slept in weeks.  That's just a side effect of getting so many sponge splats right in the kisser.  Rotten little buggers, they have terrific aim.

Oh well, it was all great fun.  If you want to make these awesome summer OUTSIDE toys, go to the tutorial here and be ready for some excellent wet hot weather fun!

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