Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Donating to Save The Polar Bear

I'm so proud of my kid!

Tressa joined Earth Rangers and is trying to raise money to save the polar bear.  As global warming continues, the ice in the Arctic is melting faster and breaking up.  Polar bears walk on the ice to hunt for seals.  There is a rise in drowned polar bears due to the bears becoming exhausted while swimming for ice to hunt on.

It was cool to watch Tressa head the "polar bear rescue" meeting at our table.  She officially invited us all to come up with creative ideas to help her reach her goal.  Lila pointed out that $1000 will not be enough to get Tressa to the Arctic to save a bear, let alone feed it.  (oh how the 7yr old mind works!)  Tressa said, "Not me, silly.  My research and rescue team will."  Can't beat that logic!

"Mama, you can sell some of your jewelry.  You never go anywhere."  Say what????!!!???

"How about you sell your books, you know Mama, that big pile of knitting and romance books you've got in the storage area."  WHAT???!!?? 

(First off, that area is not a storage area, it is my office.  True, with all the boxes from the move and the sparatic setting up my office space does kinda make it look more storage-y than creative office-y.  Which makes me realize I gotta do something about that or the hubby might start sneaking hockey gear in there. grrrrr)

I had to admit, I might be able to part with some of my romance books.  But knitting books?  KNITTING BOOKS???  NEVER!  

Tressa came up with the idea of a family yard sale as soon as the weather warms up.  She also wants to give flyers about her mission to all the kids at her school for their parents to see and donate.

So in the spirit of activism, I suggested that we put a link here to her Earth Ranger page.  She was thrilled with this and promptly forgot my jewelry box and knitting books.  If you feel inclined to help, please click on the avatar of Tressa and donate to save a polar bear.   You can also see how much money she has raised.  It would really make a kid with a big heart and a polar bear happy!  :)


  1. Aw, good for her! She sounds like a really neat kid.

    1. She is! I'm blessed to have my little Tressa. :)

  2. It's really cool that she is getting involved in such a wonderful cause! I hope she reaches her goal without you having to spare anything important, like knitting books... the thought of it... :-D

  3. LOL, yes my knitting books! Tressa read your reply and loved the shocked/scared face you added. Kids! :)