Friday, January 4, 2013

Lilies for love and luck

Why Lily of the Valley for our avatar? 

When Dad built our house over 40 years ago, Mama's Aunt Annie came for a visit and brought with her a little clipping of Lilies of the Valley from her garden.  "Plant them around your front door step, dear.  They will bring you love and luck to your new home," she said.  I like to think she was right. 

I remember being 4yrs old and playing outside with my dollies on that step, surrounded by the scent of lilies.   As the years went by, that delicate perfume remained as I left home for college, marriage and motherhood, and like my parents, always greeted me when I returned. 

So why the lilies?  Because they make me think of home and how lucky we are to have a big family that fights, respects, gathers together, laughs together and loves one another fiercely. 

Love and luck.  What could be better for our new blog?  

Plus Mama, aka Judy or Gram, said "What the hell is an avatar?  That's why I got to choose.  :)


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